427 Cobra
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The Wheels are measured from the mounting surface to the first obstruction on the frame side.  This is "Measurement A".  In our case both the front and rear was 5 inches.  "Measurement A" is referred to as the "Maximum Backside".

Next you measure from the mounting surface to the inside of the fender.  This is "Measurement B".  This measurement is used to determine how wide the wheel can be before it protrudes past the fender.  The "Measurement B" for the front was 3 and for the rear was 5.5.

We have chosen wheels from American Racing, cost around $1700.  They make a Shelby Cobra looking wheel, part number 427P.  They make it in two versions, Painted or Polished.  We have chosen the Polished version.

These wheels are custom made to a specified backside or backspace.

The size we chose for the front is 17x8 with 4.5 inch backside.  This is the maximum backside they make for the custom made 17x8 wheel.

The size we chose for the rear is 17x9.5 with 3.75 inch backside.

The backside is calculated by,

Backside = Width - B - Oversize

The Oversize is the amount of tire that will protrude past the fender.  In our case, we wanted .5 inches to protrude.  This will give the car a more aggressive look.  For example the front wheel will be,

Backside = 8 - 3 - .5 = 4.5

The rear wheel will be,

Backside = 9.5 - 5.5 - .25 = 3.75

The Backside can not exceed the "Measurement A".  "Measurement A" is the maximum the Backside can be.  In our case the front and rear was 5 inches.

It turns out the 3.75 is the lowest amount of backside offered on the 17x9.5 and 4.5 is the highest amount offered on the 17x8.  Therefore this was the closest we could get to making the tires protrude the same amount.  The rear will protrude .25 and the front will protrude .5.

The tires are from GoodYear, Eagle F1 GS-D3, cost around $940.  These tires are Goodyear's Max Performance Summer Radial.  They have a speed rating of "Y", 186MPH.

The front tires are 215/45ZR17 and the rear tires are 245/45ZR17.

The Tread is designed to give a maximum wet traction and a maximum road grip during cornering.

All I can think to say is, it's starting to look good.

The rear wheel lug bolts that came with the kit were three inches long, but needed to be two inches long.  So I could replace them or cut them off.  Reg suggested to cut them and that is the easiest way.

I first ran a 1/2 - 20 die on the bolt and then marked the one inch point with tape.  Then cut them using a die grinder.  After cutting them I rounded the end and then removed the die.