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The StreetBeast manual suggested that the trunk be opened with a manual pull cable that would be located behind the driver seat. I didn't like the security of this type of setup.  So I decided to go with an electric solenoid to release the latch. Also I made a few other changes as you will see below.

The StreetBeast manual suggested the latch be installed by cutting a hole in the top of the fiberglass section and drop the latch in from the top.  I didn't see the point in cutting the hole in the top.  So I cut out the bottom of the section and slid the latch in place.

Using a piece of 2x2 aluminum angle I made a bracket to mount the solenoid next to the hinge.

Using a throttle cable, I purchased from Parr Automotive for 18 dollars, I connected the solenoid to the latch.

I had to make a bracket to secure each end of the cable.

Using three clamps with self tapping screws I secured the cable to the lid.

Next, I located where the striker would be and drilled a pilot hole.

Here is another change from the StreetBeast manual.

They suggested we drill and tap this hole.  I have a fear of closing the trunk and the latch failing to release.  Using their method, you would have to cut a hole somewhere in the trunk, big enough to get your hand through and blindly fix the problem.

Instead of doing it their way, I chose to drill a 1/2 inch hole all the way through the floor. I put a nut on the top and bottom of the striker.  Therefore if the latch should fail to release, all I will have to do is remove the bottom nut of the striker using a 3/4 inch socket and ratchet.  Then you can pull the trunk lid open.