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As you can see in this picture, the radiator mounting rails that Streetbeast had welded to the frame were not parallel so we had to cut off one of them and remount it.

Before we cut off the rails, we checked how the radiator would line up with other components.  A good thing we checked.   As you can see in this picture, if we mounted the radiator, that Streetbeast provided in the kit, we would not be able to get a hose connected to the radiator.

Also if mounted it in the way Streetbeast said to mount it, the hinge for the hood would hit the radiator.  Lesson, don't trust the manual that comes with the kit.  Don't even trust anything that came in the kit.  It would have been a real problem, if we had mounted the radiator and then later found that we could not put a hood on the car.

So we had to cut off both mounting rails.  This picture shows one rail after we cut it off.  We filled in the cuts with welds and grounded them smooth.

We had to locate a better position for the radiator and remount the rails.  Also as you can see there is no filler neck.  We could us a inline hose filler cap, but I prefer a solidly mounted radiator filler cap.

So I will find a good welder and have one welded to the radiator.

Notice the connections for the AC condenser are coming out on the wrong side, this was an an easy fix, we were able to simply unscrew the mounting screws and slide it out and then back so the connections come out on the right side of the car.

Now with the filler neck welded we were able to mount the radiator.

Radiator is checked for level.

The radiator cap can be reached through the hood opening.

After swinging the top of the radiator towards the rear and the bottom towards the front,  the lower hose now clears the steering rack.

Before I do the final weld, I'm going to try to raise the radiator as high as I can get it. This will have to be checked with the body back on the frame.