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Above the supports are temporally mounted.

I used two 43lb Strong Arm  Gas Supports model #4477. Cost 16.65 each from www.liftsupportsdepot.com. Also I purchased two brackets to mount the supports at the top. Part number #H00180RB, cost 3.99 each. Also I purchased a package of ball studs. Part number #H93607A-4, cost 9.00 for a pack of 4.

Lay down 20 inches of masking tape on the finder along the edge next to the hood and another 10 inch piece along the hood as you can see above. Make a mark close to your best guess where the front end of the support will mount, just a guess. Mark that point zero. Measure 8 1/2 inches towards the rear and make another mark and mark it zero. Then make a few 1 inch marks on each side of these marks, marking them 1, 2, 3. Transfer the rear marks to the tape on the hood.

Then transfer the marks to the bottom side of the hood.

With the hood raised to the desired height place the support on the tape and choose a common mark. In my case I used the "one" marks towards the front of the car.

In the above picture, the supports are temporally mounted to test that the supports will do the job. Right now the bottom support brackets are temporally bolted in place.

I then made a support out of 1 x 2 inch rectangle steel tubing and some angle iron. I welded a mounting bracket on the support for the Strong Arm support. Later I'll round off the corner of this support and clean it up.