427 Cobra
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Final Assemble

So far the hood has been the hardest part of the project.

The hole pattern in hood hinge brackets that came from StreetBeast were not the same.  So the first thing I had to do was to mill the holes to match.

Then I clamped the hinges to the hood, marked and drilled holes in the hood. The drill size is for a 1/4 inch tap.

After drilling the holes, I tapped out the holes for a 1/4-20 bolt.

The hood hinge bracket was not tall enough, so I welded more 1 X 2 inch tubing to the top of the bracket.

As you can see in this picture, the bracket needed a little more height to support the hinges.

Here I drilled a 5/16 hole and mounted the rubber bumpers that came with the StreetBeast Kit. I had to provide the washers and nuts. Later I will use lock nuts.

After adjusting the corners to level I found another problem.

This shows the ugly gap where the center of the hood is lower then the body.

Here's another view of the ugliness.

To fix this gap I had to cut relief slots in the bottom side of the hood.

Then using clamps and a heat gun I forced the fiberglass to bend. Later I will glass over the relief slots.

This picture shows the hood latching system and a drawing of how they should work together.

Using a 1" hole saw I made a hole all the way through the hood. This hole is 8 inches from the center and 2 3/8 from the edge.

Then using a Dremel rotary cutter I made slots for the bolts.

Also using the same cutter I cut a large slot in the channel that is big enough for my finger to reach in to put the nuts in place.

The latch was placed about 3/16 from the edge. I had to ground of some of it to clear the hood.

Next I need to work on the support that holds the hood in the up position.