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There is a problem with the camber on the front wheels.  The camber should be a little negative so that when the car goes into a turn, the tire on the inside of the turn will flatten out.  If you have a positive camber, the tire will only roll up on its edge more, giving you less traction.

The way the frame and front suspension came from StreetBeast, the front wheels have a positive camber.  This only shows up when all the weight of the engine and body is put on the frame.  With no weight on the frame, the wheels have 2 degrees of negative camber.  So maybe, the guy that built the frame forgot to allow for the weight.

The problem arises after the camber has been fully adjusted, as far to the negative as possible.

The front wheels should have from zero to 2 degrees of negative camber, depending on the tires and suspension.  In order to get more adjustment, I had to cut the slot out a little more.



I also cut the side off the head of the bolt.  Hopefully this will give me enough adjustment.

After mounting the upper arm I noticed the upper ball joint did not clear the shock tower with the camber adjusted all the way in.

With a black marker I marked the tower where I will cut it.

I cut along the line with a plasma cutter and then with a grinder to smooth it off.  Notice the metal plate I bent around the shock coil for protection. After reassembly, I had 1.5 degrees of negative camber.

The front suspension also had some spacers that had burrs and needed coating.

After removing the burrs and powder coating.