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I am using the Lokar Floor Mount Chrome Plated Emergency Brake Handle.  Lokar did not provide a cutout pattern so I had to draw my own.

Note that in the above picture I turned the front brackets down and the rear brackets up.  You will see why later.

After taping it in place, I cut out the paper with a knife.  I then marked the pattern onto the fiberglass with a black Sharpie.

I cut out the fiberglass with a saw.  I mounted the handle using 1/4 inch carriage bolts.

Now you can see why I turned the brackets as I did, it gives more room for fingers around the handle. As you can see the handle is angled upward in the brake off position.

The rear section of the tranny tunnel angles upward, so I had to use a 1 inch x 1 inch square tube to space the cable mount down for better alignment.

I used 3/8 inch clamps to mount the cable housing to the frame.

The picture above shows the brake handle in the off position and the picture below shows the handle in the on position. Using additional spacers or nuts I can fine tune this angle as needed on final assembly.

Here's a tip: attach the clip in the picture below before attaching the cable housing.

If you attach the cable housing first, the clip is hard to get on.  I learned this the hard way.

It is very easy to cut the cable using a plasma cutter with the added advantage that the cable does not fray as much, if at all.

The Lokar emergency brake handle comes with a micro switch to connect to an indicator light, although I don't think I will make use of it.