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A Rialta, built by Winnebago, is a perfect camper for 2 adults and a couple of kids. The Rialta is totally self contained, with sleeping for 4, microwave oven, propane cooking range, kitchen sink, bathroom with sink, shower, and toilet, wardrobe closet, dinette, refrigerater, air conditioner and propane heater unit, hot water tank, fresh water tank and pressure pump, 3KW remote start/stop generator, and an entertainment system. All of this and 17 MPG on the highway from a Volkswagen VR-6 engine.

My wife and I are retired and have taken our little Rialta into every state in the lower 48 and a couple of times into Canada. Since it is just my wife and I that travel in the Rialta, we found that there were some modifications we could make that would make the Rialta more convenient for only two people. Making these modifications would mean that bringing grandchildren or other people along with us no longer reasonable. It turns out that the grandchildren or other people never went with us anyway, so why not make some modifications?

There are three different floor plans for the Rialta series. The particular one I have is the QD floor plan.

22QD Floor Plan
 The typical 22QD Floor Plan.